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The first day of school for KCS students is August 7, 2017.
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KCS Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Friday, July 14 - Thursday, July 20


Here's How it Works!


In order to participate in the Kingsport City Schools (KCS) Selfie Scavenger Hunt you will need to have a phone (with a camera) or digital camera. The KCS Selfie Scavenger Hunt offers an unique opportunity to take pictures at Kingsport schools around the city.
Please post your photos on social media using #KCSelfie. Although not required, we encourage you to look through other peoples photos and comment and like them.


There are only two.
1.) Every picture posted online and used for verification must be family friendly
2.) 10 of 14 photos must be taken at a designated location to qualify for the prize drawings.

Prize Drawings

As mentioned above you must provide photo evidence of selfies taken at 10 of the 14 locations in order to be eligible. 
Prize #1: Pair of Season Tickets in the Upper Deck for 2017 Dobyns-Bennett HS Football Home Games
Prize #2: Pair of Season Passes for the 2017-18 Dobyns-Bennett HS Basketball Home Games


1.) Go to one of the designated locations below

2.) Take a selfie at the location
3.) Bring your phone/camera to the ETSU-Allandale BucFest event on July 20 from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.
4.) Photo verification will take place at the event
5.) Only participants with verified photos will be entered into prize drawings
6.) One entry per participant
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Designated KCS Selfie Locations


Palmer Center:  Flagpole (Midland Dr.)

Adams Elementary:  Front Entrance Sign/Water Feature (Edinburgh Channel Rd.)

Jackson Elementary:  Fitness Playground (Main Playground Area)

Jefferson Elementary:  Front School Marquee (Westmorland Ave. by flagpole)

Johnson Elementary:  Front Sidewalk Marquee (Ormond Dr.)

Kennedy Elementary:  Front Entrance/Marquee (Woodland Ave.)

Lincoln Elementary:  Front Entrance/Marquee (Summer St.)

Roosevelt Elementary:  Front Entrance Marquee (Lake St.)

Washington Elementary:  Inside Front Entrance/Rocking Chairs in front of George Washington Wall (Bellingham Dr.)

Robinson Middle School:  Front Electronic Marquee (Jessee St.)

Sevier Middle School:  Front Entrance/Brick Indian Head (Wateree St.)

Dobyns-Bennett High School:  Front Entrance D-B Sign/Brick Wall (Ft. Henry Dr., Main Parking Lot)

D-B EXCEL:  D-B EXCEL  Sign on Back Entrance Wall (Roller St.)

Cora Cox Academy:  Front Entrance CCA Sign (Myrtle St.)