Employee Recognition

Is there a KCS employee that you would like to see recognized for her/his outstanding work? 

This year, there is a new way to highlight the work of these outstanding educators!  The KCS Employee Recognition Initiative serves to award those that go above and beyond in their service to the students, staff, and families of KCS.  

How can you nominate an employee for this honor?

Simply submit a nomination form to your principal/supervisor by clicking here! 

employee categories

There are seven categories from which to choose. Winners will be recognized each month.

  • World Class Award - This award recognizes an employee who exhibits those attributes, actions and attitude that make KCS world class. The employee demonstrates a high level of professionalism and excellence in all that they do and promotes the system’s vision.
  • Learning Leader Award - This award recognizes an employee who demonstrates a commitment to learning and developing their own knowledge and skills.  They also lead others through sharing and demonstrating the application of that knowledge.
  • Student Focused Award - This award recognizes an employee who demonstrates an ongoing student-first attitude in his or her daily activities.  This person puts students first every day, and may be the “unsung hero” of your school/department.
  • Parent/Community Engagement Award - This award recognizes an employee who actively and regularly works to reach out to families and/or community members in an effort to engage them in student and school activities.
  • Performance Excellence Award - This award recognizes an employee who seeks ways to continually improve the processes around them such that they impact the overall performance of students, the school, department or environment in which they operate.
  • Innovative Educator Award - This award recognizes an educator who applies innovative practices to teaching and learning.  These practices result in enhanced student engagement and student achievement.
  • Educator Leadership Award - This award recognizes an educator who demonstrates exemplary leadership among their peers, mentoring others, and modeling collaboration and leadership in his or her daily activities.
Thank you for considering which outstanding employees to nominate for this special recognition!


  • World Class Award
    • Kevin Surgener - Network Communication Support Specialist - Tech Services, Administrative Support Center
  • Student Focused Award
    • Elena Allen - World Language, Dobyns-Bennett High School
    • Kayla Mitchell - Instructional Assistant, Cora Cox Academy 


  • World Class Award
    • Beth Cohen - Assistant Principal, Dobyns-Bennett High School
  • Performance Excellence Award
    • Brad Conkin - School Resource Officer, Sevier Middle School
    • Justin Humphries - School Resource Officer, Dobyns-Bennett High School
    • Lindsay Statum - Physical Education Teacher, Jackson Elementary School


  • World Class Award
    • Kem Padgett - Secretary, Kennedy Elementary School
  • Learning Leader Award
    • Pattie Seabolt - 2nd Grade Teacher, Lincoln Elementary School
  • Student Focused Award
    • Debbie Allen - Family Liaison, Kennedy Elementary School 
    • Kelli Ferguson - School Counselor, Sevier Middle School
  • Parent & Community Engagement Award
    • Misty Keller - Coordinator of Coordinated School Health, Administrative Support Center
    • Marsha Musick - Family Liaison, Lincoln Elementary School
  • Performance Excellence Award
    • Jennifer Emmette - Testing Coordinator, Dobyns-Bennett High School 
  • Educator Leadership Award 
    • Amanda Blackburn - Science Teacher, Dobyns-Bennett High School 
    • Diane Ivey - ECLC Director/SACC Coordinator, Washington Elementary School

DecemBER 2016

  • World Class Award
    • Meredith Wilson - Speech Pathologist, Jefferson Elementary School
  • Learning Leader Award
    • Jessica Chase - 5th Grade Teacher, Jefferson Elementary School
  • Student Focused Award
    • Cherie Herald - SPED Teacher, Washington Elementary School
    • Tammy Simpson - SPED Instutional Assistant/Clerical Support, Dobyns-Bennett High School
  • Parent & Community Engagement Award
    • Kristy Williamson-Jackson - Library Media Specialist, Jefferson Elementary School
  • Performance Excellence Award
    • Rebecca Osborne - Graduation Coach, Dobyns-Bennett High School
  • Innovative Educator Award
    • Lindsey Golden - Library Media Specialist, Jackson Elementary School
  • Educator Leadership Award
    • Rebekah Haren - English Teacher, Dobyns-Bennett High School
    • Ami Frye - 4th Grade, Jefferson Elementary School

January 2017

  • World Class Award
    • Michelle Loudermilk - Library Media Specialist, Sevier Middle School 
    • Ashley Marlow - School Counselor, Adams Elementary School
  • Learning Leader Award
    • Gina Ford - 3rd Grade Teacher, Johnson Elementary School
  • Student Focused Award
    • Bryan Kerns - Math Teacher, Dobyns-Bennett High School
    • Terri Southerland - Family Liaison, Roosevelt Elementary School
  • Parent & Community Engagement Award
    • Debbie Moore - Family Liaison, Johnson Elementary School
  • Performance Excellence Award
    • Retha Greene - Bookkeeper, Dobyns-Bennett High School
    • Casey Osborne - SPED Instructional Assistant, Johnson Elementary School
  • Innovative Educator Award
    • Mariann Duff - Math Teacher, Dobyns-Bennett High School
  • Educator Leadership Award
    • Allison Berry - English Teacher, Dobyns-Bennett High School


  • World Class Award
    • Clayton Arnold - Head Custodian, Kennedy Elementary School
    • Tommy Starnes - Director of Transportation, Transportation Department
  • Learning Leader Award
    • Natalie Picket - Science Teacher, Dobyns-Bennett High School
    • Patty M. Smith - Instructional Assistant, Roosevelt Elementary School
  • Student Focused Award
    • Jimmy Burleson - SPED Teacher, Dobyns-Bennett High School
    • Rebecca Thomasson - Library Media Specialist, Johnson Elementary School
  • Performance Excellence Award
    • Marti Harrison - 5th Grade Teacher, Roosevelt Elementary School
    • Angie Peters - Math Teacher, Dobyns-Bennett High School
  • Educator Leadership Award
    • Jeremy Epling - Math Teacher, Dobyns-Bennett High School

march 2017

  • World Class Award
    • Matt Clark - Technical Support Specialist, Administrative Support Center
    • Jacklyn Clendenen - Family Liaison, Jackson Elementary School
    • Jenny Rogers  - Music Teacher, Dobyns-Bennett High School
    • Patty Denmark - Music Accompanist, Dobyns-Bennett High School 
  • Learning Leader Award
    • Brett Herron - 4th Grade Teacher, Roosevelt Elementary School
    • John Mallick - Social Studies Teacher, Sevier Middle School
  • Student Focused Award
    • Kim Bradley - Library Media Specialist, Washington Elementary School
    • Hope Bruner - Frontier Health SAP Counselor, Dobyns-Bennett High School
  • Performance Excellence Award
    • Carmen Brooks - English Teacher, Dobyns-Bennett High School
    • Caylor Harrison - 3rd Grade Teacher, Jackson Elementary School
  • Educator Leadership Award
    • Sarah Lamb - 5th Grade Teacher, Jackson Elementary School
Please contact Andy True, Assistant Superintendent - Administration at (423) 378.2130 or atrue@k12k.com with questions regarding the KCS Employee Recognition Initiative.