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We are offering telework (work at home) options available to staff in order to maintain your work status with us at full pay. You should have work assigned to you from Principal, Manager, etc. However, if you are unable to telework or work on site, please see the attached form. You can complete this and return to Jennifer Guthrie for review.


👉The State Group Insurance Program has also approved waiving all costs for COVID-19 in-network testing and in-network outpatient visits associated with these tests.
Not everyone needs to be tested for COVID-19. Talk to your doctor, or other healthcare provider, about your need for a test.
What does this mean for our members?

• These benefit changes apply to health plan members, in all plans with both carriers: BlueCross BlueShield and Cigna.

☎ Members won’t pay for any Telehealth visits through carrier-sponsored Telehealth programs, (Cigna: MDLive/AmWell and BlueCross BlueShield: Physician Now) even if the visit is for something other than COVID-19 from March 17 – May 31. 

• Members won’t have to pay a copay, coinsurance or any money toward your deductible for in-network COVID-19 tests and in-network visits when the visit leads to a COVID-19 test, as well as any services performed at the visit during which the COVID-19 test is performed in the following:

o Provider’s office
o Urgent care facility
o Convenience clinic
o Telehealth
o Emergency Room
The benefit does not include waiving member cost-sharing for subsequent treatment associated with COVID-19, which would fall under the benefit cost-sharing the health plan members are currently enrolled in.

Cigna members can use your telehealth (virtual medical services) benefits to keep you out of a provider’s office. Create your user profile with your current health information.
• Log into https://my.cigna.com/web/public/guest
• Look for MDLive or Amwell and select the vendor of your choice
• Call 888.726.3171 for MDLive or 855.667.9722 for Amwell
• BlueCross BlueShield members can use your PhysicianNow telehealth (virtual medical services) benefits to keep you out of a provider’s office. Create your user profile with your current health information.
• Log into BlueAccess at http://www.bcbst.com/members/tn_state
• Look for and select Talk With a Doctor Now
• Or, call 888.283.6691
Here is some additional information about your CVS/caremark pharmacy benefit. You may take advantage of: We are temporarily waiving early refill limits on 30-day and 90-day prescriptions for maintenance medications such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, depression, asthma/COPD at any in-network pharmacy. You can now fill maintenance medication prescriptions ahead of schedule.

If you have any trouble, tell your pharmacy staff to check for messaging in their system from CVS/caremark and that your plan sponsor is temporarily allowing early refill overrides. If they have trouble with the override, they should contact the CVS/Caremark pharmacy help desk (your pharmacy has the phone number). For more help with your CVS/caremark pharmacy benefits, call 877.522.TNRX (8679) 24/7 or visit https://info.caremark.com/stateoftn
👨‍👨‍👧‍👦Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being Resources (EAP and Behavioral Health Benefits)

Virtual Visits: available for EAP and Behavioral Health
• Schedule a visit with a psychiatrist or therapist using secure video-conferencing https://www.here4tn.com/

Talkspace https://www.talkspace.com/connect online therapy: available for all members with behavioral health benefits
• Download the Talkspace app on your mobile device or computer through https://www.here4tn.com/
• Message a licensed therapist 24/7 – incudes text, audio or video messages within the secure app
Sanvello https://www.sanvello.com/: On-demand help with stress, anxiety and depression – anytime
• Download the Sanvello app on your mobile device or computer through https://www.here4tn.com/
• The premium version of the app is available free to all with behavioral health benefits. Register using your behavioral health ID card.
• Members with EAP only benefits have access to the free, standard version of the app
EAP services: Master’s level specialists are available around the clock to assist with stress, legal, financial,
mediation and work/life services.
• Preauthorization is required to utilize your Employee Assistance Program. Simply call 855.437.3486 or go to  https://www.here4tn.com/ to obtain your preauthorization. If you prefer to access services over the phone, telephonic counseling is available as well as face-to-face appointments. Call 855-Here4TN (855-437-3486) for more information.
Physical Well-Being Resources

MyActiveHealth: available to all state employees (even if you are not enrolled in the health plan) 
• Access to health education topics, activity trackers for sleep and exercise as well as other tools
• Log on to https://www.myactivehealth.com/Portal/PortalLogin.aspx?SupplierURL=16091
Links to home workout:


Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS) - LEGACY (Staff hired prior to July 2014):

The Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS) is a defined benefit pension plan that covers state employees, higher education employees, K-12 public school teachers, and employees of political subdivisions who have elected to participate in the plan.  This means that the amount of any future retirement benefits is determined by a benefit formula rather than an account balance. All full-time teachers are covered by Group I of the retirement system as a condition of employment.  As a teacher, you are required to contribute five percent of your salary to the retirement system.  Contributions are made on a tax-deferred basis. 

TCRS is a “defined benefit” retirement plan, which means that the amount of any future benefit will be determined by a benefit formula rather than by an account balance. In most cases, the amount of the benefit will be affected by three factors: your length of service, your final average salary, and the social security integration level in the year you retire or die.

  • Average Final Compensation (AFC) — The AFC is the average of your five highest consecutive years of salary. The benefit payable at retirement cannot exceed 94.5 percent of your average final compensation.
  • Creditable Service —  Creditable service means membership service under the TCRS plus any other periods of service credited to you by the retirement system. Service credit may be accrued for full-time service as a state employee, as a public school teacher in Tennessee, or as an employee of certain local governments in Tennessee.

Website: http://treasury.state.tn.us/tcrs/

Phone:1 (800) 922.7772


Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS) - HYBRID PENSION PLAN (Staff hired after to July 2014):

The Hybrid Plan provides a combination of a defined benefit plan and a defined contribution plan. The defined benefit portion of the Hybrid Plan will be managed by TCRS. The defined contribution assets will be deposited into the state’s 401(k) plan where you will manage the investments within the 401(k) plan. As a state employee, higher education employee or public school teacher, you are required to contribute 5% of your salary to the defined benefit portion of Hybrid Plan. Contributions are made on a tax-deferred basis. 

Website: https://participant.empower-retirement.com/participant/#/login

Phone: 1 (800) 701.8255


The 401 Money Purchase Plan will help you accumulate retirement savings.
Your account is funded by contributions made by you and Kingsport City Schools. The value of your account fluctuates based on the performance of the investments you select. You manage the investments in your account and can make changes at any time.You don't pay any taxes on the money in your account until you withdraw it.
ICMA-RC participants have access to two types of financial plans for step-by-step help with saving, investing, insurance, estate planning and other financial goals. For more information, visit www.icmarc.org
 ICMA-RC 1-800-669-7400
Weekdays: 8:30 - 9:00 p.m. 
2019 KCS Retirement Meeting Presentation 
TCRS/Empower Presentation 

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