Meal Payment Information

Meal Payment Information

Electronic payments for school meals

The meal pre-payment website for Kingsport City School Nutrition Services Department is now available. Please visit MyPayments Plus! to check low balances, monitor purchases, and deposit funds via bank account or credit card. 

There is a 4.75% fee per transaction. If you have not used this service before, you will be required to set up an account. Call (423) 378.2113 to receive your student’s ID number (required when setting up your account and different from the student pin number used at school), email Andria Ball at, or contact the school cafeteria.  There is no charge or account deposit required to monitor purchases, check balances, or receive low balance notices via email. 

Parents may still deposit money into their students account by sending cash or a check to school. Checks should be made out to the school cafeteria name. For example, parents of students at Dobyns-Bennett High School will write checks to D-B Cafeteria and include their students pin number on the check's memo line.

Meal charge procedures

The meal is defined as the federally funded meal on the day insufficient funds occurs. This excludes all ala carte items. 

  • When insufficient funds reach negative $5.00, a notice of insufficient funds shall be sent home with the student (elementary and middle schools only).
  • The insufficient funds reminder will be sent home weekly by the cafeteria manager for accounts that are greater than negative $5.00.
  • When insufficient funds reach negative $20.00, a standardized insufficient funds letter and a free and reduced meal application will be mailed by the school.
  • Once a student account balance reaches negative $20.00, a student will no longer be allowed to charge a meal of choice. Until charges are corrected, a student will receive a sandwich and milk in lieu of a chosen meal for lunch only. There will be no alternative food items for breakfast.
  • If the charge limit is exceeded multiple times during the school year, or is problematic with the student, the student can be referred to the Family Resource Center or the School Based Family Liaison at any time.
  • Toward the end of the school year, the SNS office will provide each school a list of students who maintain a negative balance.  

insufficient funds

Elementary and Middle Schools
  • There is no legal recognition of charged meals by federal auditors. However, since there are occasional instances of insufficient funds, students shall be allowed to charge a meal as defined in the Kingsport City Schools (KCS) administrative procedures.
  •  Parents/Guardians are expected to reimburse KCS for charged meals. 
High School
  • There are no charged meals in high school.

federal free/reduced meal applications

To apply for free or reduced school meals, download the forms below. Completed applications can be faxed to (423) 378.2109 or can be turned in to your child’s school cafeteria/office or brought to School Nutrition Services Department at 400 Clinchfield Street, Suite 200, Kingsport, TN 37660.
You can now apply online by clicking hereOneSource Online Instant Processor application entry makes it easy and convenient to apply for meal benefits for your child(ren). Simply enter the requested information as accurately as possible, and all data will be instantly and securely sent to your child(ren)sschool district for processing.  Start your family's meal benefits sooner by entering your information now!
Please contact Andria Ball, SNS Bookkeeper/Office Assistant at (423) 378.2113 or with questions regarding meal prices, payments and/or free/reduced meals.

reimbursable meals

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