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Kingsport City Schools will be closed for Fall Break between Oct. 16-20, 2017. Classes resume on Oct. 23, 2017.


Be informed. Be engaged. Be Healthy.


KCS Employee Benefits

As our school district prides itself in providing excellence in education for all students, the Kingsport City Schools Human Resources Department also strives to provide exceptional service in support of our students, staff, and community.

Staff appointed to a position working at least 30 hours per week and more than 4 months per year are eligible for KCS benefits beginning the first of the month following their first day of employment/eligibility or immediately if the first day of eligibility is the first day of the month.

An employee has 31 days from his/her date of employment/eligibility to make enrollment decisions. If an employee has not enrolled within the 31-day period, he/she will be enrolled in a default plan. 

During the annual open enrollment period (October each year), employees can change their elections. Current elections will continue to the next calendar year if open enrollment elections are not submitted, with the exception of the flexible spending accounts and the health savings account contribution. Employees must re-enroll in these plans each year. 

Life Insurance

Full time employees with KCS have a life insurance policy through the district at no cost to you. This policy is currently the equivalent of your annual salary.  Supplemental and dependent life insurance is also available.  
Retirees have life insurance through KCS as well.  The amount of this policy may vary depending on what plan was in place at the date of  retirement.  
It is your beneficiaries who collect this benefit.  Your beneficiary designation must be made on a form which we provide.  We are glad to verify or update your information at any time.  For details on your specific benefit for life insurance or to update your information, please feel free to contact Tabatha Graham in the HR Department at (423) 378-2116 or

For additional information, please login to the KCS Employee Intranet - Employee Benefits. 

Benefit Resources


BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee
Cigna Health
Delta Dental
(615) 255.3175
MetLife - DPPO
Cigna Dental - Prepaid
877.522.TNRX (8679)
EyeMed Vision Care
Optum - Employee Assistance Program
855.HERE4TN (855.437.3486)
MedAmerica - Long Term Care
Flores 24/7
For additional information, please login to the KCS Employee Intranet - Employee Benefits. 

KCS Employee Wellness

The KCS Healthy Habits program is Kingsport City Schools commitment to creating a supportive culture of health and wellness for employees through comprehensive benefits and wellness programs in partnership with our Human Resources, Coordinated School Health and Health Services departments. All employees have access to nutrition and exercise information, fitness classes and workshops, personal health coaching and smoking cessation programs.
  • Biometric Health Screenings
  • Blood Pressure Screenings
  • Diabetes Health
  • Events and Challenges
  • Fitness Centers/Classes/Workshops
  • Health Coaching
  • Nutrition
  • Seasonal Flu Shots Schedule
  • Stress Management Workshop
  • Quit Smoking

Employee health affects more than just medical costs. A healthy workforce is a more productive workforce. Did you know that between 70 to 90 percent of health care spending is caused by preventable, modifiable health risks? Unhealthy lifestyle choices often lead to chronic diseases, costing businesses more than one trillion dollars in lost productivity alone. 

The essence of the KCS Healthy Habits program is to encourage our employees to take preventive measures to avert the onset or worsening of an illness or disease and to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Wellness Resources

 fitness & recreation




other wellness resources


online diabetes resources



Did you know that our School Nurses do more than take care of our students? In fact, they treat staff just as much as our students. 

  • Staff sickness, injuries, blood pressure checks, medication questions, questions about their spouses, children and grandparents.
  • Questions can be health related or about medications or lab work.
  • Assist employees with diabetes regarding questions, blood sugars, diet.
  • Medication, Epi pen and Auvi Q training. 
  • Educate staff on emergency medical situations and how to react.
  • Share information with staff on AED’s.  
  • Assist with emergency drills with Kingsport police and KCS employees; participating in all emergency drills at school.
  • The first responder to all staff related emergencies  and perform CPR and/or Heimlich maneuver If needed.
  • Responsible for determining if a staff members needs to seek medical attention elsewhere or if EMS needs to be called.
  • Help pregnant staff for questions or monitoring.
  • Provide a sharps box for those giving themselves injections.  In addition, I educate on diabetes.
  • Provide contact information for healthcare providers and services to the staff; make staff referrals to specific providers
  • Provide contact information for community resources that staff need.
  • Translate lab results or med reports that they bring in from their provider.
  • Facilitate nurse practitioner visits for staff
  • Take staff phone calls, text messages after school hours, offering clinical advice

Some school nurses even facilitate a Weight Loss Challenge each year for staff members. There are typically 12-16 participants and the challenge involves a cash award for the person who loses most percentage of body weight.  The nurse facilitates the challenge by keeping track of weights and providing information regarding resources for BMI, diet comparisons, etc.

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