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General background information

On Monday, December 12, 2016, the Sullivan County Commission approved the purchase of bonds that will provide the necessary funds to launch Phase I of a comprehensive facilities plan for Kingsport City Schools, Sullivan County Schools, and Bristol City Schools
The major components of Phase I for KCS include:
  • Construction of a new Regional Science and Technology Center on the campus of Dobyns-Bennett High School.
  • The purchase and renovation of the current Sullivan North High School to transition into a KCS middle school.
  • Renovation of the current John Sevier Middle School to transition into a KCS elementary school.
  • Closure of Andrew Jackson Elementary School for a re-purposed usage.
From the $140 million bond issue, KCS will receive approximately $44.1 million.  Of that, $20 million will transfer back to Sullivan County in exchange for the current Sullivan North High School.  The remaining $24.1 million will be used for other components of the KCS Phase I plan, including construction of the Regional Science and Technology Center at Dobyns-Bennett High School.

update: the regional science and technology center at dobyns-bennett high school

Renowned international architecture firm Perkins+Will has completed initial design concepts for the Regional Science and Technology Center (RSTC) to be constructed at Dobyns-Bennett High School!
  • The overall goals for the Regional Science and Technology Center include:
    • Adding an enhanced science and technology program at D-B, with new/enhanced facilities and programming, while increasing D-B's student capacity.
    • Defining the D-B main entrance.
    • Improving circulation and accessibility at D-B for students and staff.
    • Capitalizing on an opportunity for a new identity for the D-B facility, while maintaining the current design and legacy elements.
  • Visioning work on the Regional Science and Technology Center began in May 2016 with a session involving D-B staff members and focusing on design and programming.  Key work since that time has included:
    • Conceptual Design and Programming - July 2016
    • Schematic Design - August/September 2016
    • Design Development - November 2016
  • As designed the new three-story facility will include:
    • 18 science/tech labs
    • Two teacher work spaces
    • Six student work spaces
    • One TEAL (Technology Enhanced Active Learning) lab
    • One large research lab
    • Four small research labs
    • A student cafe 
    • Administrative offices
  • The new facility would raise the D-B capacity to support 2,500 students at 85% utilization.
  • Construction of the new Regional Science and Technology Center will begin in the Fall of 2017, with a move-in date of Fall 2019.
  • Click below to view a full presentation review of the Regional Science and Technology Center, including current concept and design renderings.  *Note that as facility design and branding development continues in the coming months, the preliminary images contained in the presentation below may not match final construction. 


Phase 1 Component Overview

Regional science and technology center

A 400-seat Regional Science and Technology Center (RSTC) will be constructed on the campus of Dobyns-Bennett High School with a mission to create a culture that inspires innovation through Science and Technology.
Five academic goals for the RSTC have been established:
  1. Support scientific inquiry and discovery
  2. Foster creativity and problem solving
  3. Offer meaningful career opportunities
  4. Provide application-based experiences through an integrated curriculum
  5. Utilize the power and flexibility of technology
The new Regional Science and Technology Center will serve to transform educational opportunities in northeast Tennessee, providing increased science and technology course offerings and opportunities.Currently, design work is continuing by the architectural firm of Perkins + Will.  
  • Perkins + Will was selected in January 2016. Beginning in April 2016, work has included:
    • Programming meetings at D-B with D-B staff
    • Conceptual design work
  • The current work by Perkins + Will includes the design development phase.
  • Pending approvals and funding, construction of the RSTC could start as soon as Fall 2017, with opening in the Fall of 2019.
  • The RSTC will provide a new "face" to the D-B facility, which is nearing 50 years of age.
  • Future Considerations/Steps include:
    • Finalize proposed project design
    • Continue development of programming
    • Formalize process with Sullivan County Schools to allow SC students to attend RSTC courses, in exchange for allowing KCS students to attend SC career and technical courses not offered by KCS

transition of sullivan North high School to Kcs middle school

KCS will purchase and renovate the current Sullivan North High School to be utilized as a KCS middle school. Along with Ross N. Robinson Middle School, the new middle school will serve students in grades 6-8.
  • Potential timelines (pending funding and progress by Sullivan County in construction of a new high school) include:
    • Renovation of Sullivan North and preparation for KCS transition:  Summer 2021
    • KCS occupies the facility as a KCS middle school:  Fall of 2022
    • Consideration of rezoning needs are currently underway. The goal is to give KCS families a 2-year notice regarding zoning adjustments.
    • The transition will additionally provide KCS with much-needed athletic facilities/fields.

Renovation of john sevier Middle school to KCS elementary school

KCS will renovate the current John Sevier Middle School to be utilized as a KCS elementary school.
  • Potential timelines (pending completion of other Phase I components) include:
    • Renovation of Sevier Middle and preparation for elementary school transition:  2022-23 school year
    • KCS occupies the facility as a KCS elementary school:  Fall of 2023
  • Future Considerations/Steps include:
    • Naming of facility (retain Andrew Jackson Elementary School or select new)
    • Potential phasing of zoning changes
    • Identifying best future use of current Andrew Jackson Elementary School