KCS to Administer Tripod 7C's Student Feedback Survey

In an effort to provide an opportunity for student feedback related to classroom engagement and satisfaction, Kingsport City Schools will administer the Tripod 7C’s survey to KCS students beginning May 1, 2017.  Students will take this short (10-15 minute) anonymous survey online at school at a time designated by their school’s principal and teachers.  With few exceptions, students in grades 3-12 will take this survey once, providing feedback regarding one of their teachers.

Parents have the opportunity to review the survey materials prior to the survey administration.  Below, find the following information files:

  • Guide to Tripod's 7Cs Framework of Effective Teaching - A guide to the feedback instrument, including survey structure, research, and feedback.
  • Grades 6-12 - Tripod 7Cs Focused Survey - The questions that will be asked to students in middle and high school.
  • Grades 3-5 - Tripod 7Cs Focused Survey - The questions that will be asked to students in grades 3-5.

Should parents wish to opt their child out of participation in the feedback survey, they should contact their child’s school prior to May 1, 2017.  Results of the Tripod 7C’s surveys will be made available to the teacher and school administrator, in a desire for continuous improvement.  Individual student responses will not be identifiable. 

About Tripod:

Tripod is an independent research and education firm based at the Cambridge Innovation Center in Cambridge, MA. Tripod’s nationally recognized surveys and framework for school improvement were first developed in 2001 by Dr. Ronald F. Ferguson of Harvard University. Since then, Tripod® surveys have been administered across thousands of schools in the US and abroad. Educators use insights and actionable feedback from Tripod surveys to better understand educational practice, set goals with confidence, and focus improvement efforts. For more information, visit www.tripoded.com.


Tripod’s 7Cs™ framework of effective teaching and associated survey measures capture essential elements of instructional practice. Student survey results aligned with the 7Cs framework offer a streamlined way to provide actionable feedback for teachers and school leaders. Better survey results on the 7Cs components predict higher student achievement, engagement and motivation, as well as success skills and mindsets (Ferguson & Danielson, 2014; Ferguson et al., 2015; Kane & Cantrell, 2010; Kane et al., 2013; Stuit, Ferguson, & Phillips, 2013). Strategic use of Tripod surveys together with the 7Cs framework supports reflection, goal-setting, professional learning, and instructional improvement.

The 7Cs framework groups components into three conceptual categories: personal support (care and confer), curricular support (captivate, clarify, and consolidate); and academic press (challenge and classroom management).