2017 TCAP Student Reports

Published on December 20, 2017 at 11:45 a.m.

The state of Tennessee recently released the student reports from the administration of the 2017 TCAP Test in grades 3-8. The Individual Student Reports or ISRs will be sent home with elementary and middle school students in grades 4-8 on Wednesday, December 20. Current ninth grade students will receive their reports on January 9, 2018, during their homeroom block. Each student should receive three ISRs that outline performance in English/Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science.

As a reminder, Social Studies was a field test last spring; therefore, students will not receive any reportable data back in this subject area. In addition, parents and guardians will receive a parent brochure that assists in interpreting the reports. All of this data will come in a large, brown envelope. If parents or guardians have any questions, they may contact their schools’ associate principal or teacher(s).

For additional inquiries or questions, please contact Michael Hubbard, Director of Performance Excellence, at 423-378-2125.