Transportation Department

Kingsport City Schools provides bus service to nearly 2,300 students covering an area of around 45 square miles. Our bus fleet includes 42 full-time buses, all of which have mandatory seat belt usage for student riders.

  • Total number of daily bus runs: 160
  • Approximate miles traveled daily: 2,400

PARENTS & GUARDIANS please take note

To help ensure safety and to assist our drivers with morning pick-up during hours of darkness, please try to have children wear bright or light-colored clothing, preferably with reflective material on their coats, shoes, and/or backpacks. This is a great help to drivers so they can most easily see children when visibility is poor. Thank you in advance!

bus routes & REsources

Complaint Process

The following procedure will govern how students, teachers, staff, and community members shall submit bus safety complaints.
  1. All complaints shall be submitted to the transportation supervisor.
  2. Complaints may be submitted in person, via phone, mail, or email.
  3. Written complaints shall be submitted on the form located on the district’s website.  In the case of a complaint received via phone, the person receiving the phone call shall be responsible for filling out the form and submitting it to the Supervisor of Transportation.
The Supervisor of Transportation shall begin an investigation of all bus safety complaints within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt.  Within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt of the initial complaint, the Supervisor of Transportation shall submit a preliminary report to the Superintendent of Schools.  This report shall include:
  1. The time and date the complaint was received;
  2. The name of the bus driver;
  3. A copy or summary of the complaint; and
  4. Any prior complaints or disciplinary actions taken against the driver.
Within sixty (60) school days of receiving the initial complaint, the Supervisor of Transportation shall submit a final written report to the Superintendent of Schools that details the investigation’s findings as well as the action taken in response to the complaint.
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