Family Life Education

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Kingsport City Schools Family Life Education program provides a comprehensive health education that is medically accurate and age appropriate for grades 5-9. The program includes human development and sexuality education that promotes abstinence, sexual risk avoidance, and enables students to make responsible decisions regarding their health. Parents have the right to review the complete family life curriculum, including all materials used in any family life education program.


SchoolMessenger Quick Tip allows authorized school administrators to receive anonymous tips and other feedback at any time and have the ability to respond in a timely manner to issues that impact the school or individual students. The reported issues range from peer pressure, campus violence, depression, suicide and bullying (to name a few).
We want to ensure that students have a voice to report issues that may impact their peers and/or school. We hope that by providing an avenue for anonymous reporting, students will feel more comfortable speaking up regarding concerns or information they may have.

Students, staff, parents and other stakeholders can visit the district website and click the light bulb icon to access the the KCS District SchoolMessenger Quick TIP website or CLICK HERE!

Please contact Wendy Baker, Family Life Education Coordinator/Instructor at (423) 378.2171 or with questions regarding Family Life Education curriculum or additional resources.

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