Family Life Education

mission statement

Kingsport City Schools Family Life Education program provides a comprehensive health education that is medically accurate and age appropriate for grades 5-9. The program includes human development and sexuality education that promotes abstinence, sexual risk avoidance, and enables students to make responsible decisions regarding their health. Parents have the right to review the complete family life curriculum, including all materials used in any family life education program.

P3 Campus Anonymous Reporting Tool

P3 Campus is an anonymous reporting tool where students, staff, and the community are empowered to anonymously submit reports and other feedback to authorized KCS school administrators and school resource officers at the Kingsport Police Department.

Reports can now be submitted through multiple platforms: Visit the district website ( or any school website and click on the light blub icon, visit, download the P3 Campus mobile app, or scan the QR code printed on school posters. The reported issues include topics such as bullying/cyberbulling, drugs, alcohol, fighting, harassment, and suicide threats. Click here to submit a report now. 

Please contact Wendy Baker, Family Life Education Coordinator/Instructor at (423) 378.2171 or [email protected] with questions regarding Family Life Education curriculum or additional resources.