Student Teaching

Embedded residencies and internship hours are available to students participating in specific educator preparation programs with affiliated universities. The Office of Curriculum and Instruction must have a current MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) on file with the participating university, and requests for placement must come from the student’s program coordinator directly to the Office of Curriculum and Instruction. Interested students should contact the director of their university program for information and participation approval. University coordinators with questions about KCS placement guidelines can email KCS Curriculum and Instruction for additional information or assistance.  The KCS Placement Request Form should be completed by participating students and submitted to KCS Curriculum and Instruction by the requesting university’s program coordinator once the student’s participation is approved by the university.
Please contact Cheryl TurnerExecutive Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent – Instruction at (423) 378.2104 or [email protected] with questions regarding Curriculum & Instruction resources.