Substitute Information

Application Process & Details 

Classroom Substitutes, Including ECLC:

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Kingsport City Schools is pleased to announce it has partnered with ESS for classroom substitute services.  Please access the link below to begin the process for applying to be a substitute with Kingsport City Schools if your are interested in substituting in a position as substitute for teachers, ECLC staff or SPED Instructional Assistants.


Non-Classroom Substitute Positions, Including:  Custodial, SNS, Transportation and Nursing


If you are interested in substituting in a non-classroom position, please apply through the Fast Track system for Kingsport City Schools.  This can be found under the Employment link on the KCS website.


Substitute Pay Rates/Incentive

Substitutes are paid according to which department an individual is substituting in and/or level of education.  Please find below a list of the current pay rates for substitutes:


Non-Degreed Substitute Teacher:  $57.50 per day

Degreed Substitute Teacher:  $60.00 per day

Certified Substitute Teacher:  $67.50 per day

Kingsport City Schools Retired Teacher:  $100.00 per day

Special Education Instructional Assistant:  $8.00 per hour

ECLC Substitues:  $7.25 per hour


Substitute teachers will be paid a $50 incentive per month for working at least 12 but no more than 14 full (7.5 hour) days.  This is a taxable "bonus" to be paid out the following month.  


Substitute School Nutrition Services:  $9.79 per hour



Substitute Custodians:  $9.79 per hour


Substitute Transportation Drivers:  $12.16 per hour


Substitute RN's:  $19.50 per hour

Substitute LPN's:  $16.00 per hour


orientation DATES

February 12, 2020
Additional dates will be posted soon.