Curriculum & Instruction Department

The KCS Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) Team works collaboratively with teachers, administrators, and community partners to ensure all students have daily access to engaging and highly effective instruction.  The C&I department is also focused on making sure all educators have access to relevant, timely, and ongoing support.


These commitments reflect the values of educators and leaders throughout KCS.  The work of the C&I team is guided by five major commitments designed to improve student learning: 


  • We will provide a welcoming and supportive professional learning culture that is solutions and student focused.  Our department will recognize and celebrate the diversity of our educators in their journey as professionals working to develop their craft through professional learning communities.
  • We will support a challenging, rigorous, and developmentally appropriate guaranteed and viable curriculum that addresses individual student needs and is focused on academic growth.
  • We will be open to feedback, from a variety of sources, for continual improvement as a department.
  • We will celebrate the successes of educators and focus on the purpose of our work—improving the lives of students through education.
  • We will lead through kindness, understanding, and respect.


Using these commitments to guide its work, C&I supports educators in implementing the defined vision for KCS students.  This vision is to engage students in deep learning by integrating the KCS professional learning community processes with highly engaging student learning and job-embedded, ongoing professional learning for educators.  Leadership, innovation, and key practices in the KCS Guiding Tenets support the alignment, design, and action that will lead to our desired future. 


The C&I team reflects Kingsport City Schools commitment to providing all students with a world-class and student-focused education that ensures college and career readiness.  Along with the framework for Transforming Teaching and Learning to Engage Students, KCS educators are empowered to establish a culture of innovation-age learning, provide learning opportunities that are authentic in building knowledge and exhibiting proficiency, and respond to student learning in an individualized way. 

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