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Zoning and Tuition Status


Zoning Exception: Parents who would like to request their child attend a different city school outside the school zone for which their child is zoned for, must apply for a zoning exception.

Tuition Application: Parents of students who are not legal residents of the City of Kingsport must submit a tuition application to attend a Kingsport City Schools.

To learn which school your child is zoned, please visit School Zones and Street Directory or call Kingsport City Schools Administrative Support Center at (423) 378.2100.

Tuition Rates: The tuition rates are based on the 2020-2021 school year and are subject to change pending approval by the Kingsport Board of Education.
  • Sullivan County - 1st Child @ $1,400/year or $140/month
  • Sullivan County - 2nd Child @ $1,350/year or $135/month
  • Sullivan County - Additional @ $1,300/year or $130/month
  • Hawkins County - 1st Child @ $2,400/year or $240/month
  • Hawkins County - 2nd Child @ $2,350/year or $235 month
  • Hawkins County - Additional @ $2,300/year or $230/month
  • Other TN County - 1st Child @ $3,400/year or $340/month
  • Other TN County - 2nd Child @ $3,350/year or $335/month
  • Other TN County - Additional @ $3,300/year or $330/month
  • Out of State - Call (423) 378.2169 for information


Parents or legal guardians must apply annually for their child’s tuition and zoning status, even if they attended Kingsport City Schools during the preceding school year.


Jim Nash, Chief Student Services Officer at (423) 378.2169 or for additional information regarding zoning and tuition. 
Dr. Andy TrueAssistant Superintendent - Administration at (423) 378.2130 or to schedule a school tour.