Required Documentation for Student Registration

ORIGINAL birth certificate (recommended), MOTHER's COPY, or Proof of Birth

For children born in Tennessee, the parent may request a copy of the certificate of birth at or by visiting the Sullivan County Health Department in Blountville, Tenn. There is a minimal fee for this service. Applicants will need to supply a picture identification, mother’s legal name, county of birth and hospital of birth.

Children born outside the state of Tennessee will need to request the birth certificate from their state of birth. Contact information can be supplied through the Sullivan County Health Department in Blountville, Tenn.

A student must be enrolled and registered using the exact name that appears on the certificate of birth or certificate of adoption. Name changes due to the marriage of the student or other court proceedings will be entered in the student’s record upon receipt of an official documentation through the court agency (TCA 49-6-5106).

Last four (4) digits of social security number (optional)


custodial documents (if APPLICABLE)


proof of up-to-date tennessee immunization - you may contact the health department or local physician for assistance

Proof of up-to-date Tennessee Immunization serves as verification that all immunizations are up to date and the child is eligible for school enrollment. This certificate is issued by the Sullivan County Health Department or by your child's physician. No child can attend school in the State of Tennessee without this documentation (TCA 49-6-5003).
  • All new students to Kingsport City Schools must have a physical (recommended).

proof of residency verification

Proof of Residency should be completed by each new registrant. Verification of the residence may be made with one of the following current documents that must include the parent’s name and address of the residence.
  • Mortgage statement
  • Formal rental lease
  • Property tax receipt
  • Public utility billing statement (water or electricity)
Both the completed form and document for verification should be included with the registration. The school has the authority to ask for the Proof of Residency form to be signed and acknowledged before a notary public.

all new students to kingsport city schools must have a physical (recommended)


pre-k students must also include proof of family income


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