BOE Meeting Notes - March 6, 2018

The Kingsport City Schools Board of Education held its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, March 6, 2018. Several key items were discussed, including:
  • A report on the coding work being done by students in all KCS elementary schools;
  • Recognition of Coach Graham Clark for being named a finalist for the prestigious 2017 Power of Influence Award;
  • Recognition of three Dobyns-Bennett students selected to apply for the annual United States Presidential Scholars program;
  • Recognition of two teams placing third in the Tennessee Championship Tournament of the FIRST LEGO League;
  • Consideration and approval of new course offerings for Dobyns-Bennett and D-B EXCEL for the 2018-2019 school year;
  • Consideration and approval of the purchase of new teacher laptops and docking stations;
  • Consideration and approval of a bid to replace and relocate two transformers at Dobyns-Bennett;
  • Consideration and approval of a bid for commodity egg processing;
  • Consideration and approval to waive the first right of refusal for 7,100 square feet of undeveloped space adjacent to D-B EXCEL; and
  • Consideration and approval of revised Board policies.
Tonight's reports and recognitions were broadcast live on the KCS Facebook Page! Click here to view the video from tonight's meeting.
Meeting Audio
Detailed Meeting Notes


The Pledge of Allegiance was led this evening by Kennedy Elementary School students Recer Stamper, Jace Westwood, and Joey Westwood.  Recer is in 1st grade and is the son of Jacob and Rebekah Stamper.  Jace is in Pre-K and Joey is in 1st grade, the sons of Jeremy and Stephanie Westwood.


Library Media Specialists (LMS) Mrs. Lindsey Golden and Mrs. Kristy Williamson-Jackson, along with other LMS and a group of KCS students, shared about the coding program being taught at each of the KCS elementary schools.
  • Coding is offered in KCS through a partnership with BootUp PD.
  • Students are learning exactly what coding is and what 21st century skills are involved in coding.
  • There are different platforms used to teach coding and elementary students are excelling with this new concept.
  • Introduction to coding begins in Kindergarten and aligns with the KCS STREAM vision.


Board Member Mr. Todd Golden recognized Graham Clark, head football coach at Dobyns-Bennett High School, for being named a finalist for the 2017 Power of Influence Award.  This award was presented jointly by the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) and the American Football Coaches Foundation (AFCF).
  • Coach Clark was one of 12 national finalists nationwide.
  • The Power of Influence Award was created to honor a deserving high school football coach with respect to the coach's impact on their team and players, as well as the legacy they leave with the school and surrounding community.
  • Coach Clark has been an educator and coach for more than 40 years.  He has received multiple honors through the years and is the all-time winningest coach at D-B.  In the past 25 years, he has guided the Dobyns-Bennett football program to a record of 252-71, including 17 conference championships.
  • Coach Clark announced earlier today that he will be retiring from Dobyns-Bennett at the conclusion of this school year, ending his coaching career after 25 years leading the Tribe.
Board Member Mrs. Carrie Upshaw recognized three D-B seniors who were selected to apply for the annual United States Presidential Scholars program.  Karli Ailshie, daughter of Dr. Lyle and Vanessa Ailshie, John Lewis Corker, son of Cliff and Alice Corker, and Kate Tolleson, daughter of John and Ginette Tolleson, will be competing against 4,500 other top high school students across the nation.
  • Established in 1964 by executive order of the President, the program recognizes and honors the nation's most distinguished graduating seniors for their accomplishments and academic success, leadership, and service to the school and community.  The program has since been expanded to include students with exceptional talent in the visual, creative and performing arts, as well as those who have demonstrated ability and accomplishment in career and technical fields.
  • Annually, up to 161 students are named as Presidential Scholars, one of the nation's highest honors for high school students.
  • Application is by invitation only.  Students chosen as Presidential Scholars receive an expense-paid trip to Washington, D.C. in June for the National Recognition Weekend, featuring various events, enrichment activities, and presentation of the Presidential Scholars Medallion during a White House-sponsored ceremony.  During the weekend, scholars will also have access to important national and international figures, including government officials, educators, authors, musicians, and scientists.
Board Member Mr. Eric Hyche recognized teams from Jackson Elementary School and Robinson Middle School for their performance during the recent FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Tennessee Championship Tournament.  Jackson's team placed third in Project Research, while Robinson's team placed third in Core Values.
  • The FLL is an international competition for elementary and middle school students coordinated by the FIRST organization.  Each year, the contest focuses on a different real-world topic related to the sciences.  The robotics part of the competition revolves around designing and programming LEGO robots to complete tasks.
  • Students develop solutions for the various problems they are given and then compete in tournaments to share their knowledge, compare ideas, and display their robots.
  • This is the first year KCS students have participated in the FLL.  Teams from Adams Elementary, Jackson Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, Lincoln Elementary and Robinson Middle School all advanced past the regional competition to compete in the state tournament.  While this was the first year for KCS teams, many of the teams they competed against have been participating in the competition for as many as ten years.
  • Students from Jackson and Robinson provided brief demonstrations of the projects which were developed for the state championship tournament and resulted in their exemplary placement.


Chief Academic Officer - Secondary Dr. Brian Cinnamon recommended two new course offerings be approved for the 2018-2019 school year at Dobyns-Bennett High and D-B EXCEL.
  • A new elective course at D-B, Honors Philosophy, will introduce students to Western philosophy and provide a background for understanding the nature and methods of modern ways of thinking and reasoning.
  • A new elective course at DBE, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), will provide opportunities for students to develop skills and utilize techniques to produce geometric profiles that serve as a database for production of 3-D models, working drawings, and exploded views of models.
  • Upon receiving approval by the Board, district personnel will submit the required application to the Tennessee Department of Education for initial approval of these courses.
  • After review and consideration, the Board voted 4-0 to approve two new elective courses, Honors Philosophy and Computer-Aided Design, for the 2018-2019 school year.
Chief Finance Officer Mr. David Frye reviewed quotes received for the purchase of teacher laptops and docking stations.  The low quote from Dell is based on a bid for Wilson County Schools that other districts may also use for such purchases.
  • It was recommended that the Board approve a motion to issue a purchase order to Dell for 112 laptops and docking stations in the amount of $124,318.88.  Funding for this purchase is available through the current technology budget.
  • After review and consideration, the Board voted 4-0 to approve purchase of 112 laptops and docking stations from Dell for teacher use.
Mr. Frye discussed the need to replace two transformers at Dobyns-Bennett High School.  The transformers were installed during original construction in 1967.
  • Due to age, the transformers need to be replaced and relocate outside of the building.
  • During the original construction of D-B, the transformers were placed in an interior location and the building was constructed around them (a common construction practice at that time).
  • Due to the amount of time to complete the work, the removal and reinstallation of transformers will occur once school is dismissed for summer break.  Once removal begins, D-B will be without power for a period of approximately three weeks.  School administrators and staff have been making plans for this project and subsequent power outage to occur. 
  • The low bid for this project was submitted by Kingsport Armature & Electric in the amount of $357,600.
  • It was recommended that the Board approve awarding a contract to Kingsport Armature & Electric in the amount of $357,600 with an established contingency of 6% ($21,456) for completion of this project.  Funding is available from the $1,000,000 project established for school system improvements.
  • After review and consideration, the Board voted 4-0 to approve awarding the contract to Kingsport Armature & Electric for an amount not to exceed $379,056 (project amount plus contingency).
Mr. Frye reviewed information related to commodity egg processing bids for School Nutrition Services (SNS).  Michael Foods, Inc. submitted a bid to enter into agreement with SNS to process USDA whole eggs into various egg items for a total cost of $22,000.
  • The agreement includes an option to renew the contract for up to three additional years in one-year increments, providing price and quality of services are acceptable.
  • All expenditures for this contact would be fully funded by the SNS budget.
  • After review and consideration, the Board voted 4-0 to accept the bid from Michael Foods, Inc, for a contract regarding commodity egg processing with a term beginning July 1, 2018 for an amount not to exceed $22,000.
Mr. Frye reported that a request has been made regarding approximately 7,100 sq. ft. of the 3rd floor of the Press Building for which KCS has a first right of refusal.
  • According to previous agreements, KCS has the first right of refusal should a potential outside tenant approach the owners of the building about utilizing the space under consideration.
  • In order to exercise it's first right of refusal, KCS would be required to purchase the area for $50/sq.ft., for a total of approximately $355,000. 
  • Because there is still significant space remaining on the 3rd floor should the D-B EXCEL program need room for expansion or should KCS elect to use the space for other purposes, it was recommended that the Board approve the waiver of first right of refusal on the 7,100 square feet of space.  This waiver does not affect the option KCS has on the remaining space.
  • After review and consideration, the Board voted 4-0 to waive the right of first refusal on 7,100 square feet of space on the 3rd floor of the Press Building and authorized Dr. Moorhouse to sign the waiver approving this.
Board Member Mr. Todd Golden and Assistant Superintendent - Administration Mr. Andy True reviewed revisions to four existing policies for Board consideration on First and Final Reading.
  • Policy 5.1101 - Differentiated Pay is an existing policy revised to remove an in-text citation to TCA 49-5-611, a law that has since been repealed.
  • Policy 5.117 - Procedure for Granting Tenure is an existing policy revised to comply with state law regarding the timing for issuing a notice of non-renewal from a specific date to "within five (5) business days following the last instructional day of the school year.”  
  • Policy 5.200 - Separation Practices for Tenured Teachers is an existing policy revised to delete sections on resignation and retirement to eliminate duplication, as that content is found in policies 5.204 Resignation and 5.205 Retirement.
  • Policy 5.702 - Substitute Teachers is an existing policy revised to comply with state law regarding new compensation requirements as well as the number of days retired educators can substitute in the classroom without loss of retirement benefits
After review and consideration, the Board voted 4-0 to approve each policy on First and Final Reading.  Other policies in Section 5 - Personnel (policies 5.302 - 5.801) of the KCS Policy Manual were affirmed with no changes on tonight's meeting Consent Agenda as part of the Board's biennial policy review.
The next meeting of the Board of Education will be a Work Session on Tuesday, March 27, 2018 at 6 p.m.  The meeting will take place in the Tennessee Room of the Administrative Support Center (400 Clinchfield Street).
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